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Nottingham Estate Agents Buyer Service offers:

Quotation mark This is a bespoke service, so we can offer any part of the service separately e.g. if you want us to canvass areas on your behalf to find your perfect property, please call us to see how we can help. Quotation mark

The pitfalls of purchasing a property

You are buying a home; that's exciting, but we all know it can also be stressful. Why is this? Most of us are not expert at this as we buy a home only every 8 years or so.

This is hardly often enough to become familiarised with the process and certainly not often enough to keep on top of the many changes that affect the industry. However Elite Homes does have the expertise.

Before telling you consider our Buying Service, let's look at some of the other pitfalls.

Purchasers often have inaccurate expectations of the estate agents' role: forgetting that the estate agent is there to protect their vendor's interests. If you ask their advice, they are likely to recommend a value or offer in keeping with what they expect their vendor will find acceptable, rather than what is best for you as the purchaser.

Purchasers tend to misunderstand the role of solicitors! Probably the biggest bone of contention for buyers, sellers and solicitors alike in the typical property transaction is the unrealistically high expectations that the average customer has of their solicitor. If you think your solicitor is there to steer you safely through the purchase, having all the answers to all your questions - consider this: how many times does your solicitor visits the property with you and how many properties generally your solicitor sees throughout the course of the year while they are busy handling the heaps of files they have on their desk?!

It is not up to the solicitor to advise, to coach, to guide or negotiate on the buyer's behalf. They earn their fee by handling the legal intricacies of the sale and little more. Most customers' disappointment or frustration with their solicitor is often down to their expectation of a service far in excess of what their solicitor is actually retained, paid and qualified to do. As buyers, you instruct the solicitor to act on your behalf however more often than not - it seems that it is the tail that is wagging the dog.

What a buyer needs to know?

What is a Buyer's Agent?

A good Buyer's Agent can help to take away the stress, answer all those questions and, when it comes to making an offer, help you to get you the best price possible.

A buyers agent is a property professional that can assist you in all stages of your home search and acquisition.

They offer insider information on home values, negotiation tactics and methods of getting the chain progressed to exchange and completion, as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Why do I need a Buyers Agent?

Interestingly, although consumer law has been repeatedly altered to protect the buyer, property sales are still governed by the legal precedent of 'caveat emptor' or buyer beware.

The industry is very complex however and the buyer can most certainly avoid the most common pitfalls with representation by an individual who has experience with property transactions. The current market is a confusing one and perhaps now more than ever, buyers must look out for their own interests, make informed offers and be shrewd in their negotiations.

It is therefore little wonder that more and more people are looking for a buyers agent to advise them on what is usually the most important purchase they will make in their entire lives.

If you, like most people, don't buy a home on a regular basis and you feel you could benefit from the representation of a buyers agent, please call us in confidence to discuss your situation in greater detail. It may be the most important call you ever make!

Elite Homes is an estate agency based in Nottingham. Elite Homes officially launched their sales and letting agency in Autumn 2009 and business for Elite Homes has been thriving ever since within the estate agency market. Elite Homes has been formed to cater to the middle and upper end of the property market in Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Loughborough and Derbyshire.

If you, like most people, don't buy a home on a regular basis and you feel you could benefit from the representation of a buyers agent, please call us in confidence to discuss your situation in greater detail. It may be the most important call you ever make!

Elite Homes advertise on recognised estate agency websites such as Rightmove, Zoopla, Prime Location and Find a Property and we also have the ability to advertise your property in any publication you require. Elite Homes is an estate agency who endeavour to market properties to the highest standards with professional photography, floor plans, and glossy sales particulars.

Elite Homes have had great success as an estate agent with selling and letting properties over the past two years. As an estate agency we are always looking and searching for new properties in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester to sell. We believe our proactive and passionate attitude towards estate agency and selling properties, is helping us in what has been a difficult market for most estate agents.